Lim Khim Ka Ty_Happiness_Noi Niem Hanh Phuc_2015_Oil on canvas_90x100cm
Lim Khim Ka Ty
Oil on canvas
90 x 100 cm
Lim Khim Ka Ty_Alone_Mot Minh_2014_Oil on canvas_.90x100cm (1)
Lim Khim Ka Ty
Oil on canvas
90 x 100 cm
Lieu Nguyen
Mèo Mơ 15
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 200 cm x 2 panels
Bui Tien Tuan
Sleeping Beauty
Ink and water color on silk mounted on canvas
82 x 135 cm
Meo Mo
Lieu Nguyen
Mèo Mơ 1
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 220 cm
Pham Huy Thong
Deep Sea Self-portrait
Acrylic on canvas
160 x 140 cm
Rose Garden
Lieu Nguyen
Mèo Mơ 17
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 200 cm
Tran Quoc Tuan
Zodiac 2
Mixed media on canvas
80 x 150 cm
Ngo Van Sac
Taking a Rest 2
Engraving and mixed media on wood
100 x 66 cm
Ngo Van Sac
Land of Memory 6
Wood burn
128 x 88 cm