LLB_Chuyen Dong Do_Red Movement_2021_Mixed media on canvas_150 x 150 cm
Luong Luu Bien
Red Movement
Mixed media on canvas
150 x 150 cm
110x130 cm S
Lieu Nguyen
Spring Field
Acrylic on canvas
130 x 110 cm
Phien Ban Cua Nghe Si_Replica Of Artist _2019_Mix media_80 x 68 cm
Luu Tuyen
Replica Of Artist
Mixed media
80 x 68 cm
NTD_Mot Som Mua Ha_Early Morning In Summer_2022_acrylic on canvas_100 x 80 cm
Nguyen Tuan Dung
Early Morning In Summer
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 80 (cm)
LKKT_Buong Thu_Release_2021_Oil on canvas_135 x 160 cm
Lim Khim Katy
Oil on canvas
135 x 160 cm
LKKT_Doi Vui_Happy Life_2021_Oil on canvas_110 x 140 cm
Lim Khim Katy
Happy Life
Oil on canvas
110 x 140 cm
Pham Thanh Toan
King of Shadows
Oil on canvas
250 x 200 cm
Nguyen Trong Minh
Streets of Flower
Oil, acrylic, and flower fabric mounted on canvas
200 x 100 cm
NTCG_ Chị Em 2_ Sisters 2_2020_Water color and pigment on silk_80 x 80 cm
Nguyen Thi Chau Giang
Sisters 2
Water color and pigment on silk
80 x 80 cm
Le Thuy
White Space 15
Watercolor on silk
60 x 170 cm