Lê Thuý – Life Ordinary

Many first time viewers of Le Thuy will express a mixture of admiration and confusion when encountering her work.  What at first glance appears ethereally beautiful also reveals itself to …

Ngo Van Sac – My Family

Through 21 December 2019

CTG is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of paintings by Hanoi-based artist Ngo Van Sac entitled My Family. Perhaps most well-known for his distinctive wood-burn works, Sac displays another …

Nguyen Cam – Fragments Of Life

Opening: Friday, 18 October 2019, 6-98pm

The story of any artist who has enjoyed a long and celebrated career is likely to involve a series of obstacles overcome and a continuous evolution of practice that are …

Phạm Thanh Toàn

Opening: Friday, 20 September 2019, 6-9pm

20 September - 6 October 2019

Craig Thomas Gallery is pleased to invite you for cocktails to celebrate Who Am I? Where Am I Going?, an impromptu party to show new paintings and sculptures of Saigon-based artist …

Dancing with Cherry Blossoms

Opening reception: Friday, 30 August 2019, 6-9pm

30 August - 18 September 2019

When looking at Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong’s paintings over the past decade and a half, certain references and means of categorization come quickly to mind. Duong, when pressed, will invariably …

Ten-acious – CTG’s 10th Anniversary Show

Opening reception: Friday, 21 June 2019, 6-9pm

21 June - 21 July 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Craig Thomas Gallery is pleased to announce the tenth iteration of our annual gallery anniversary group exhibition of Vietnamese painters and sculptors entitled Ten-acious …

Tet Special 2019

25 January - 25 February 2019

HAPPY YEAR OF THE PIG TO EVERYONE! After a busy year of solo exhibitions for artists from Hanoi, Hue, and Saigon, and a month long exhibition in New York City, …

The Happening

Opening reception: Friday, 11 January 2019, 6-9pm

11 - 25 January 2019

Craig Thomas Gallery is pleased to invite you for cocktails to celebrate The Happening, an impromptu party to show the latest works of Saigon-based artist Pham Thanh Toan.  The party and showing will …


Opening reception: Friday, 14 December 2018, 6-9pm

14 December 2018 - 9 January 2019

Young Vietnamese fine artist Truong The Linh deals with contemporary figurative painting in his first solo gallery exhibition which he has entitled Instability. Linh’s paintings arguably focus just as much …


Opening reception: Friday, 23 November 2018, 6-9pm

23 November - 10 December 2018

With his latest collection Survival, Nguyen Minh Nam continues to explore and develop his unique esthetic as he delves deeper into his particular fascinations which include the female form, traditional …

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