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Nguyen Tuan Dung talks about his work “Remember”

Tuesday November 21st, 2017

nho nguyen tuan dung

Our young talented Nguyen Tuan Dung talks about his work “Remember” and his sweet love for mother embedded in the painting:

“The image of a mini bicycle, with a plastic basket and a conical hat in front. This painting, titled “Remember”, reminds me of a memory, a feeling. The painting reminds me of my mother’s bicycle, of each time waiting for mom to come home from work, from the open market. And once hearing the bike’s sound all the way from the alley entrance, I ran out to greet her, to see whether she was tired from working, or whether she has bought gift for me. Since almost every time coming home, she always brought me a piece of cake, or some snacks. Despite financial hardships at the time, there were plenty of warm feelings and priceless spiritual values.”
The bike, the conical hat and the basket have always been known as symbolizing the woman, the mother image. I’m always interested in bringing this type of nostalgic feeling and memory into my works.
Inside the basket was a pink headscarf. My mom usually wore this headscarf to protect her from sunlight during work (farming/selling at the open market), and every time she came home after work, the headscarf was soaked with her sweat.”

Tuan Dung

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