1 Bui Thanh Tam

Bui Thanh Tam Artist Talk About The Symbolized Images

Tuesday November 21st, 2017

Bui Thanh Tam Artist talks about the symbolized images in his “Abandoned by Heaven” collection:
“Child and pet are usually depicted together
Yet upon growing up, the child will take off her/his baby necklace and run away to pursue new interests.

The paintings reflect the fading beauty right inside each every Vietnamese person’s soul. The child represents the future of our Viet culture, values. Nowadays, our culture has gradually become an orphan, growing up without parental nurture and guidance, isolated in chaos…

Peach blossoms signify a new spring, bringing us bright hopes for the future. Yet the intentionally repetitive images of a dry branch forced to a standard shape make us think: growing a culture by destroying tradition without inheritance, such culture is similar to a dried out tree in full bloom – an abnormal development, contrary to the laws of nature.

View the full collection at: http://cthomasgallery.com/exhibition/abandoned-by-heaven